Griffiths Family Farms aims to lead the UK barn (cage-free) revolution

Griffiths Family Farms are investing in new laying and rearing facilities in anticipation of major UK retailers and food services removing colony eggs by 2025.

Griffiths are announcing that they have commissioned a 2 year research project in partnership with the RVC under the guidance of leading animal behaviour expert Prof Christine Nicol.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Griffiths, this new study is the first of its kind in the UK and will allow the RVC to set new baseline standards for bird behaviours in cage free systems, something which we hope to replicate in Free Range systems in the future.”

Having looked at a variety of equipment suppliers across Europe and beyond, the business has developed its own production system which has continued to evolve following positive recommendations from leading NGO’s.

Elwyn Griffiths, Technical director and Vice Chairman of the BEIC comments,“Even though we have many years of experience caring for hens, we continue to learn a great deal about hen behaviour but it’s clear there is a lack of meaningful research in this area. We are focussed on delivering positive welfare outcomes for hens with our “tree” system already offering hens tremendous freedom to move, dustbathe and perch at all levels. We are very pleased to be embarking on this new, industry leading study with such an esteemed institution as the RVC.”

MD Gareth Griffiths also comments,“As we move towards the replacement of colony eggs it is essential that new facilities work well for hens, but also utilise existing brownfield sites to deliver commercially sustainable eggs for the benefit of the UK egg industry, retailers and the most importantly, the end consumer. ”

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