Poultry house lighting must meet the needs of birds’ eyes

Measurements of light in poultry houses have until now been based on parameters developed for human perception of light. But bird eyes differ considerably from human eyes and light plays a critical role in the development of feather pecking.

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New draft code of practice for the welfare of laying hens and pullets

DEFRA have produced an updated draft code of practice for the welfare of laying hens and pullets.

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New project to improve feather cover

The egg sector has embarked upon a new project to work towards a position where beak trimming is not necessary.

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Poultry industry policy asks post Brexit

Industry organisations have called for a range of measures to boost bird health and welfare and support the sector as part of their response to the Government’s “Health and Harmony: The Future of Food, Farming and the Environment in a Green Brexit”

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Beak trimming – Biennial report of Laying Hen Welfare Forum

The LWHF has submitted its biennial report to the minister. This is the first report the group has made and demonstrates the progress we are a making.

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