LHWF awarded the best presentation award

Great News for the LHWF 1st International Electronic Conference Animals Best Presentation Award-Winner

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Maintaining Feather Cover in Laying Hens

The good news is that poultry producers are motivated to do more when it comes to maintaining feather cover. The LHWF recent 2.5-year project Maintaining feather cover in laying hens funded by (EIP-Agri) has revealed by adopting a new approach called Motivational Interviewing (MI) has encouraged producers to take ownership of maintaining feather cover and co-develop bespoke Feather Cover Action Plans (FCAP) To read the full report please click here:

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LHWF hails ‘remarkable response’ from producers in implementing new ideas

A new report from the Laying Hen Welfare Forum (LHWF) has provided practical help for producers seeking to reduce injurious feather-pecking in laying hens.

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Beak Trimming – Second Biennial report of Laying Hen Welfare Forum

The LHWF has submitted its biennial report to the minister. This is the second report the group has made and demonstrates the progress we are making.

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[Video] A Seamless Transition

Managing pullets for a smooth changeover from rear to lay.

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[Video] What the peck?

Enrichments for pullets and hens.

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New report on Agricultural Productivity

To increase agricultural productivity, the key steps are to: • Harness the power of data and measure performance • Bring co-ordination to our innovation system and ensure investment in innovation targets key productivity and sustainability constraints • Co-ordinate knowledge exchange and provide more opportunities for farmers and growers to learn from the best • Facilitate investment in capital, skills, training and continuous professional development.

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